Tuesday, March 3, 2015

Lemon Kiss Dress: Perfect for every Mom's Little Girl

I'm very much happy knowing that my first born is a girl, because of the thought that girls handles discipline, responsibility, maturity in decision making too well (or so I thought coz I'm an eldest too LOL and still hopeful). 
And whats more fun ---> is dressing them up! 
Amusing, isn't it? From clips & pins to tops & shorts to socks & shoes.
However, I stopped dressing her up when she starts going to school (or as she grows) coz  seems like girl's accessories and clothes and dresses becomes more expensive as they grow old. 

Growing up, having a dress was a milestone. It was not our parent's priority then and besides we were lavished with hand-me-down clothes from cousins. 
So it seems that I get to inherit my mom's style (for reason that we don't have the luxury to buy new dresses :D). I only buy dresses on special occasions as birthday presents or Christmas presents or as a reward when my daughter did well on her studies. Dress nowadays are quite expensive especially those of good quality, more so if they are branded.

And then I heard about Lemon Kiss (thanks to Mommy Lariza) and as I checked their facebook page, I can't help but in awe with their designs.

The dresses looks comfy.
Color combinations are very attractive.
And for the price? Not bad for P500+ to P700+.

A collection of Lemon Kiss dresses and clothes are available at SM Department Stores nationwide.

Visit Lemon Kiss Facebook Page for a whole lot of dress style. :D

We (with my daughter) checked their dresses at Lemon Kiss FB page and these are our top picks:
Photo grabbed at Lemon Kiss FB Page
My daughter likes full skirt dress, perfect for spinning and twirling.
Photo grabbed at Lemon Kiss FB Page
She also has an eye for straight fitted dress.
Its classic.
Photo grabbed at Lemon Kiss FB Page
And it will never go out of fashion.
Notice something common? Yep, she likes blue!
I let her choose another dress style of different color and chose this:
Photo grabbed at Lemon Kiss FB Page
She really does like full skirt dresses, 
this time she chose pink dress with lace accent. 
I love this too!

Can't wait to try their dresses, perfect for her birthday next week :D

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  1. Wow..so nice! I'm sure my daughter will love these dresses too. Can't wait for our next vacation, let's do shopping together. ☺

  2. Geee! Can't wait to dress up my daughter! She's only 8 months old and she actually hates dresses. haha! She keeps on pulling the skirt kasi. hihi!

  3. Similarly, I'm also glad that my firstborn is a boy for the same reason haha. But I'm jealous of all the clothes available to young girls. Nice boys' clothes are rare and often more expensive!

  4. i love the chevron print, really cute and looks comfy too :)

  5. I have a daughter as my eldest too and I truly enjoy dressing my little doll up. Sometimes, my husband complains that she has more clothes than anyone in the house. Haha!

  6. I love dressing my girl in dresses too! She's like my little doll. Thanks for sharing!

  7. So many cute dresses! I have to check it out in SM. Hopefully I can visit within the week ; )


  8. they all look so cute... I don't have a daughter though but this is something that I can check out if I need to buy a gift for my goddaughter :D

  9. Cute dresses such as these make me wanna have a daughter someday! :)