Saturday, May 23, 2015

Mother's Day in Bantayan Island

What we did last Mother's Day?

So happy, DaddyLo and MommyLa came to visit us last May 9-10, 2015.

They chose daytrip voyage from CDO (they don't like to travel at night nor take the planeThey safely arrived CEB at 7:30PM, accompanied by my youngest brother and my niece. The more the merrier :D Weeeh!
We had our dinner at Parkmall and stroll for a while before heading home, we need to rest and gather lots of energy since we were set to go to Bantayan Island for the weekend. We just love the place, we were here last year, and so we were bringing our family to experience its beauty too.

At Bantayan, we stayed at Budyong Beach Resort, Sta Fe. We were able to reserved a front beach house good for 4 person plus children ahead of time. Be sure to call beforehand as summer season is always fully-booked. The resort is priced at 1700php. Extra beds are at 500php per person.
Things to do in Bantayan:

Sit and Relax
3hrs trip by bus & 1hr trip by ferry is surely tiring, right! 
So sit, relax and appreciate the view

Feel the Water
Sta. Fe has a long beach line and with fine white sands you can enjoy long walks holding hands with your loved ones. However the water is so tempting and from the trip, its more refreshing to take a dip and float and just get wet. Take note though that 10 meters or more into the water is still knee-waist deep (which my son likes so much) so no laps for us (as if I know how to swim).

Ride on a Motorbike or Bicycles
Motorbikes and bicycles are available for rent at 300php and 150php respectively. There's not much vehicles in the place so it is safe to explore and visit churches and other towns like Bantayan, main and biggest town of the island and Madridejos, known for its tasty lambay (deep sea crabs). 

Eat Meals of Fresh Seafoods
Meals of fresh fishes is already a treat when in Bantayan. You can buy fresh fishes in the market of Sta. Fe or at Bantayan and let the resort cook for you (with charges). Be it grilled, tinola or escabeche, it surely is delectable to the tummy's content. There are also fresh crabs, squids and shells, you may forget your diet for awhile.

Attend a Mass Service
There is a mass service on Sundays at 6:30AM. My parents was able to attend and overwhelmed by how the people welcomed the visitors. Locals are friendly :D

And most of all, have Fun :D

They also love the place (and the food :D) that they want to come back again, this time bringing the whole family. 
Woohoo! I'm already excited! I'm sure its gonna be fun. Looking forward for it.

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  1. We're supposed to go here last Labor Day, my husband had a business trip in Cebu and he suggested that we can go to Bantayan Island after his work but I think 3 days is so tiring for us, imagine plane ride + 4 hours travel going to Bantayan. But I hope next time we can see the beauty of Bantayan too, if time and budget permits.

  2. Looks like you all had a grand time! That glorious white beach is sure calling my name!

  3. Wow! They came from CDO? My place sis!!! And surely they enjoy the vacay, I can see the happy faces in the photo.

  4. The beach is soo nice! Will include that on my list of beaches to visit. I love crabs, how's te orice of seafood there, mura ba?

  5. Oh em! Kindly ppst the contact numbers too of the hotel and restos you've been to please. Thank you

  6. They sure look like they had a great time there. I love Bantayan, I've only been there once but I'll sure visit it again.

  7. What a great way to celebrate Mother's Day! The smiles say it all.

  8. I've been to Bantayan several times already back when I dont have a kid yet. Am sure it'll be much more fun bringing my kid now there.

  9. Bantayan Island looks like a place that my son will enjoy. I'll suggest this place to hubby for one of our summer escapades in the future. Thanks!

  10. I've always wanted to go to Bantayan. But I think I have to wait until my kids are bigger because of the long and tiring travel. I hope it doesn't get too commercialized.

  11. Awww, that was a great mother's day celebration. I just had ours last weekend. We went to Casa Astillero in Batangas. Very nice place!! Belated happy mothers day to you!

  12. Awesome beach! What a great way to celebrate mother's day!! Belated happy mother's day! We just celebrated ours last weekend at Casa Astillero in Batangas! Such a wonderful and serene place, too. Will bookmark this should we think of going to another island.

  13. I've never been to Cebu, I wish we could visit this place soon. It looks amazing.