Tuesday, May 26, 2015

This Makes My Day

Short conversation with my Jiggy while watching Smurfs movie on TV;

Me: So Baby, where do fishes live?
Him: Water!
Me: Sea...water, that's right? And the cats? Where do cats live?
Him: Downstairs! (He's referring to the kittens of our neighbor downstairs)
Me: Land, Yes, they live on land, downstairs. And the shark, whale sharks with big mouth? Where do they live?
Him: Sea!
Me: Yey! And the birds?
Him: Sky!
Me: Yes, they fly and fly up in the sky. How about smurfs? Where do they live?
Him: TV (pointing the television)
Me: speechless...
Oh how I just love kid's spontaneous and genuine answers :D

How about you mommy? What makes your day, today?

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