Wednesday, May 6, 2015

Simple Treats for my Mom on Mother's Month

You know why we find May so special?
It is because its the time of the year when we can declare our utmost gratitude to our dear mom, Mama L, for all the good things she have done for us. We know we should be doing it in any day of the year or any time of the day but like most kids do, we are one of those who gave her headaches and heartaches. We love our parents so much and because we know their big love for us that we don't mind doing wrongdoings and hurtful things coz we know we will always be forgiven -- Oh well! those youthful days!

And here we are grown up conscious enough to notice that we don't show much our affection to her. So we, the siblings, list down a few treats we could give for our dearest mama on mother's month.

  • A Manicure and Hand Lotion
  • Those hardworking hands that doesn't stop working needs to be pampered. Imagine taking care a husband and six children, preparing the family's meal, cleaning the house, the dishes, washing the clothes and then the kids. It must be very tiring that a manicure and a hand lotion might not be enough but cool enough to soothe those wrinkly exhausted hands.

  • Cook Her Favorite Dish
  • I must admit I don't know her favorite dish. As her child, I think I did not mind much of her liking instead always think of what's gonna be serve in our table. (I think she likes desserts, a homemade carrot cake will be a delight :D)

  • Let her listen to her Favorite Songs
  • She loves Karen Carpenter songs. I heard her singing '60-'70 songs. She knows how to play the guitar. She sings. She dances. I have a one great talented mom but because she's too busy taking good care of us she forgot to have a time for herself. 

  • A Good Book to Read
  • She collects books. I remembered her collection of Readers Digest magazines and books. I got the love for books from her. My sister too! But all were gone when the our house was burn. With six children to attend plus the husband, she didn't have the time to sit down and read books. Oh wait! she does read books, school books of her children during study time.

  • A Staycation
  • Enough said, she needs its. Every SAHM needs it, right?

There you have our treats for our mom :D Hoping she will like it :D

How about you? What's your treat for your mom?

Happy  Mother's Day Ma 
Happy Mother's Day to all Mommies :D

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  1. Awww....I haven't thought of what to give my mom this mother's day, yet. She's not into the girly stuff like manicure and pedicures and also not into staycations. In short, ang hirap isipan ng regalo, haha. I hope your mom will enjoy your gifts! :)

  2. We barely celebrate Mother's Day because everyday I am giving and showing it to her. Doing household chores, being her business assistant and the most, her BFF. I am her only daughter and I am doing my all for her. :)

  3. I'm thinking of actually going to a mani pedi date with my mom this weekend :) Advance Happy Mother's day!

  4. I think I'll treat my mom to a mani-pedi this mother's day. My husband and I love staycation, but my mom is not into it. She prefers sleeping on her own bed :)

  5. My mum is so easy to please. I think most mums are. Simple things would make them super happy already. I think my mama would love a pedicure.

  6. sweet and very thoughtful gifts, happy mom's day to both of you :)

  7. How I wish I could do stuff with my mom, but sadly, she's in the US. I'm just planning to make a personalized jewelry or something since I'm so into DIY and show it to her via facetime, haha. She'll be able to get it when she comes home this December or we can have it shipped to her if there are other things we're sending her.