Thursday, May 14, 2015

Thankful for Milo Summer Sports Clinic 2015

A week after last school-year ends, she complained that she's already bored. 
She's almost done with the school's summer assignments and told me she has nothing to do. 
Her interest in guitar subsided though she still loves to listen to Taylor Swift's songs.
She's not much of a reader (my bad, still need more effort to encourage her).
Also not a fan of IPad (or because her little brother wrestles with her and grabs the gadget once she got hold of it) and TV is not for her too, according to her it make her dizzy staring on it for a long time.
In short, staying at home throughout the day makes her bored thus, wants to beat the summer boredom. Don't get me wrong, they have toys at home like bricks, Lego stuffs, Stacko, chess board and sometimes they bike around the neighborhood after their siestas but I'm guessing she's fed up of the same routine.

She wants to attend again swimming lessons but I don't see any class offerings near our place and the only available that might have her interest is the Milo's sponsored Karatedo Class.
Milo's Summer Sports Clinic is a nationwide program held by various sports organizations (including Karatedo) to help promote sports development in our country and introduce to kids at an early age the benefit of it. Being active in sports enriches the child physically - improving health; mentally - hone talents and skills; and socially - make friends and have fun. It is also an avenue for character formation as kids learn the value of discipline, teamwork, self-confidence and sportsmanship.
Good news is she so much love it and all ecstatic when she know that after her 12 session, qualified for the next level - Orange Belt. 

We are thankful for this program. 
Looking forward for the next summer activities (this time with her little brother :D)

Hope you're having a blast this summer too! :D

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  1. Way to go! One of my boys has a black belt!

  2. It's great that Milo sponsors programs such as these!

  3. I am fortunate that my Blessing is a reader and we have summer swim team starting Monday, even though schools have either two to three weeks left of the year.

  4. Congrats to her! This is a great way to beat summer boredom and learn something practical, too!