Monday, November 16, 2015

Grab Bag, a must have!

My kid's school conducted a Disaster Preparedness Training for all students. One of the activities is the preparation of "grab bag" and putting it in the most accessible location of the house so that when a disaster or emergency situation occurs, kids can immediately grab his/her bag before moving away to safer area.

Grab bag is basically a kit  that contains essential things needed in order for a person to survive during disaster or emergency situation. These essential things may vary since each person has different needs for him/her to survive. Since this is only for survival for a short period of time while waiting for help, this grab bag should be concise (based on individuals perspective) and at same time light enough for the individual to carry. Some call it Preppers Bag or Bug Out Bag. Also, lots of related post are already available to those who want to learn more.

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I am thankful for the school that they offer this exercise and let the kids understand the dynamics of disaster and the concept of self-protection or survival.

Below is the school's suggested list of essential things of a Kid's Grab Bag:

- Durable enough to carry the contents

- Easy to open and ready to eat is a must. Should be enough for 72 hours.

- Enough to satisfy thirst for 72 hours too. Better bring an extra for

- Lightweight clothing enough to keep you warm

Flashlight with extra batteries
- For temporary light especially at night

First Aid Kit / Medicines
- Immediate temporary recovery on an injury

Insect Protection
- Protection from insect bites

Safety Vest / Floating Device
- A must have for places prone to flood

- or a knife

Match / Lighter
- In the case of the need of fire

Mirror / Whistle
- A form of communication to let rescuers know your location

Important Documents

Personally, I hope that there no calamities or disaster that may force us to use the Grab Bag. Of all the bag, this Grab Bag is the least bag that I (we) would use. However, there is nothing wrong with being prepared, there are events that mankind have no control of thus the least we can do is to be prepared in any way and pray and offer our trust to God.

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  1. I saw similar bags like these being sold in the malls. I have not bought one though.. as we have made one ourselves. (which reminds me, I haven't blogged about it! Argh!)

  2. Thanks for sharing this, Mommy!(: I am actually trying to prepare a Grab Bag too for my family, just don't know where to start.

  3. This is very timely. There are a lot of disaster and calamities in our country and we should be prepared as well as our children. Thank you for reminding us.

  4. This is very important thing to our kid for them to aware what would be the most important things should have on their packs. Incase of emergency this stuff are very helpful.

  5. Yay! this reminds me that I haven't prepared any grab bag yet. Makagawa na nga.

  6. Thanks for sharing! Marami pa akong kulang sa grab bag ng two kids ko. :( Need to complete them asap! :)

  7. My kids' schools implemented this at the start of the school year so both of them have grab bags attached to their seats.

  8. I've prepared grab bags also. I made it one for the kids and one for adults. I don't have enough water for 72 hours though as that would be too heavy to carry. The funny thing is that whenever I run out of supplies at home, I get from the grab bag. Haha. Remind me to replenish it again.

    1. hehehe... one guilty mom here too, na-ubos ko na din yata ung supplies

  9. grab bag, emergency kits, survival kits, I see the value of preparing with these. thanks for sharing your quick list.

    1. it truly is, we will also prepare additional grab bags - mine and for hubby :)

  10. I love this bag. I always have this thing for emergency bags. haha..I always have some emergency items inside my bag. This is very helpful.

  11. My older brother advised me to prepare our own grab bag but havent started it yet. I have to put this on my to-do list. thanks for the tips!

  12. We are lucky my daughter's school prepared one for all the kids.