Monday, November 23, 2015

Tokyo Table Cebu - What to Expect

Japan is always been close to my heart. I failed to pass a Japan scholarship conducted by Tesda. I love the language that I took the JLPT exam (still I failed). My first job was in a Japanese-owned company. Japanese was the first foreign national I've worked with (really smart and a good colleague). Japan was the first country I've visited and it is with the opportunity that I get to learn to love the people, their culture and their food.

Last Friday, I had a chance to dine with a few members of CBC - the #CBCFoodies. I couldn't resist the meetup when the invitation was to feast at one of the finest buffet restaurant here in the metro - Tokyo Table. 
Tokyo Table Cebu, which is located at City Times Square, Mantawi Avenue, Tipolo, Mandaue City (in front of Parkmall), is a Japanese-Chinese-Korean fusion and this invitation was fitting as I am craving for sushi lately. Been visited the place on rare occasion when budget permits and I must say this resto is really good.

Here's what to expect at Tokyo Table, Cebu:

They will welcome customers with a Japanese greeting and will escort them to their table. They will ensure that customers are comfortably settled in. They never get tired smiling and attending to the customers needs. They even cooked (grilled) the meat for you.

The place is spacious. Tables for group of 4 or 6 are available and there are couch seats too. Rooms for groups who prefer private dining experience is also available. Each table has a smokeless grill stove. The ambiance depicts Japan as it is decorated with the country's artworks of bamboo wall decor, samurai paintings, curtains of Japanese writing, even their private rooms are named after Japan's famous places.
Lots of Yakiniku Choices
Yakiniku is a grilled meat sliced thinly into small servings and seasoned with spices. Lots of choices from beef, pork, chicken, shrimps, squids, seashells are available, even hotdogs, sausages and corn are an additional option. The Yakiniku flavors is not purely Japanese as there are also Korean style marinated meat like bulgogi.

Sushis and Sashimis
A variety of sushis are available to my tummy's content. My favorite! Lots of flavors too. I did try each of them and all are good with its distinct flavor. 
Sashimis are available too, though I'm not a fan of it, good to note that Tokyo Table offers salmon, tuna, squid and shrimp. There's also Ebi Tempura, Maki Tempura and Potato Dumplings in the sushi section too.
Asian Fusion
Since this resto is a fusion, expect a variety of cuisines of Japanese, Korean and Chinese foods. They offer, noodles, fish stew. They also have siomai, soup and they serve roast beef wrap with rosemary during dinner. Vegetarian? Don't you worry as they served vegetable dishes too :) 
They also have salad station --- it contains vegetable and dressings so customers have the freedom to make their own salad, potato salad, macaroni salads and fruits are also available.

It is overwhelming! Lots of options to choose. Each dessert are serve in shot glasses or cute little plates / containers enough for single (small) serving thus, not being guilty of the sugar and calories. Also, its a chance to try and taste otherflav their other sweet offerings. Ice cream and halo-halo is also available.
Iced teas and lemonades are unlimited too. They also offer coffee and beer. 

Buffet prices is at:
P616.00 (Adult) / P380.00 (Child below 4ft) - Mondays to Fridays Lunch
P728.00 (Adult) / P380.00 (Child below 4ft) - Mondays to Thursdays Dinner
P840.00 (Adult) P380.00 (Child below 4ft) - Fridays Dinner to Sundays Dinner/Holidays

Personally, its a bit pricey for average earners like me but then again for a choice of grilled meat, sushi, sashimis, asian dishes, unlimited desserts and drinks could be worth it. This may gratify those who are willing to reward oneself from a hard-day's work pig out on a buffet set-up but for those on diet or picky-eater, it may or may not be worth the price... or forget the price and matter who you dine with :)

Anyways, Good Food plus Good People? what more could I ask for. I'm glad I joined the #CBCFoodies meetup where I was able to meet new friends over a grand dinner. 
Thanks again CBC :D

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  1. Agree with you, the price is not affordable especially their kids rate. I don't think my son would enjoy sushi and sashimis.

  2. Japanese food is love! Too bad I can't eat those dishes now because of my sensitive gut. Just drooling here haha

  3. I love Japanese cuisine too, ramen and maki addict to be exact. I wish they have branch here in the metro. Will definitely try them if they have :)

  4. Hmm, I'm getting hungry! I love Japanese food! I will recommend this to my SIL as they are based in Cebu but not in Mandaue though.

  5. Nice fancy resto... Will keep this in mind when we go to Cebu in March! :)

  6. OMG. I am craving! Japanese food is my absolute favorite. Hope they put up a branch here.

  7. I love enjoying Japanese dishes from time to time. This looks like a fancy place to dine with the family. I hope I can try it out one day soon.