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Kickstarter Alert: Support Willowbrook Girls

Willowbrook Girls are dolls and story series that gives girls characters that they can see in themselves —> girls who are both ordinary and extraordinary, and who are becoming leaders in their own right. The characters are a group of seven friends in the fifth grade who are intelligent, goal-oriented, and outspoken. Each character has incredible ambition.
Willowbrook Girls promotes girl empowerment!

Meet the characters:

And check out their first doll created, Cara.
The dolls and the story are realized thru Neha Chauban Woodward. She is the Founder of Willowbrook Girls. Prior to Willowbrook Girls, she built her career in e-commerce, working at companies like Blue Apron, (Amazon), and DANNIJO. She started her career at JPMorgan. Neha has a BA from Harvard University and an MBA from the Stanford Graduate School of Business. Neha named Willowbrook Girls after her elementary school, Public School 54, which was located on Willowbrook Road in New York. 
Please support Neha's ad…

Strategies for a Fast & Light Backpacking

Going outdoors! 
Connecting with nature!
These are one of the best things I want my kids to experience.
Because I know the feeling when you reach your destination goal after a long dreadful walk and view that beautiful scene or get to feel the refreshing water from the falls. 

Growing up, I was able to take a long walks from my lola's house to another lola's house. Had a chance to climb their sineguelas trees and stay on the tree eating the sineguelas while waiting for lola's angry voices. I was able to hike the hills of Malasag, CDO or swim together with the carabaos along Agusan river or had an overnight at the mountain range of Manticao, Mis. Or. 

It was fun and again I want my kids to experience it too.

The husband is hesitant towing young kids (toddlers) in this type of adventure. He worries on the possible accidents on younger kids or the possibility of getting sick. Most of all, he worries bringing all the necessities of a young kid's needs from milk formula, milk bot…

January 2016 Wrap-Up

Last month was a very busy month for us.
Lots of packing as we're scheduled to move to our new place.
Felt nostalgic leaving the apartment. Still the best, strategic location ever --- 2nd floor, lots of surrounding trees, secure place, good neighbors, walking distance to the national road, market and even malls. The only downside is that kids will only have indoor activities. Despite, we'll still miss it.

First sunrise view from our new place :) Isn't it lovely?
Everyone love the new place. Kids like it so much that they get to stay longer hours outside to play real play. We've been living in 2nd floors for almost 10 years so this is new for them. And this little girl loves to go up and down the stairs :)

Because we didn't brought with us those broken cabinets, some stuffs are yet left unpacked for this month.
What is more exciting is since we now own the place, lots of DIY ideas are coming in waiting to be realized. These ideas tend to clash as mine is different from th…

DOH's Animal Bite and Treatment Center for Dog Bites & Licks

Jiggy love dogs. He even feel excited just seeing them on pictures. 
So imagine his reaction when he sees a real one, a puppy at my parent-in-law's house. He is so amused on it even on the barking and the wagging tail. Not scared at all.

December 2013, we were home for the holidays and stayed in my parent-in-law's house. We were home for more than a week and I think we were still stranger to the puppy's view. I decided to let the kiddos observe the puppy at a distance only and not to touch him as we don't know how he will treat us, yet. But you know how 2 years old kids react, they just don't feel scared at all. It started with simple touch, then there's the petting on the puppy's head (with nieces and sis-in-law's company). Oh boy! he even wants to hold and carry it. 
But on new year's eve, because of the urge to hold and cuddle the puppy, he uncontrollably hold and squeeze the tail that he was bitten by it. It was not a deep bite but there are scratc…