Saturday, February 13, 2016

DOH's Animal Bite and Treatment Center for Dog Bites & Licks

Jiggy love dogs. He even feel excited just seeing them on pictures. 
So imagine his reaction when he sees a real one, a puppy at my parent-in-law's house. He is so amused on it even on the barking and the wagging tail. Not scared at all.

December 2013, we were home for the holidays and stayed in my parent-in-law's house. We were home for more than a week and I think we were still stranger to the puppy's view. I decided to let the kiddos observe the puppy at a distance only and not to touch him as we don't know how he will treat us, yet. But you know how 2 years old kids react, they just don't feel scared at all. It started with simple touch, then there's the petting on the puppy's head (with nieces and sis-in-law's company). Oh boy! he even wants to hold and carry it. 
But on new year's eve, because of the urge to hold and cuddle the puppy, he uncontrollably hold and squeeze the tail that he was bitten by it. It was not a deep bite but there are scratches and because we want to be assured, we made a short trip to the ER of Polymedic Medical Plaza.
Sure enough, he was given his first shot of anti-rabies. 

Day7, here in Cebu, he had the 2nd shot.

Day14, his third shot.

4th shot was given as an option for us considering puppy remains ok after 10 days.

That was 2 years ago!

Last week, Jiggy has another encounter with dogs. I think I haven't shared it yet that we already move to our new home (which needs a separate post). And in this new place, stray dogs are everywhere. They sort of good dogs by the way. We even feed them.There's this one particular dog that has been Jiggy's favorite (or vice versa), He pets it and wherever my kid goes, so does this particular dog. Last week, according to our neighbors, Jiggy's wound, fresh wounds, was licked by the dog who is always with him when he is playing outside. 
Such comfort! but a dangerous comfort it is!

That night, hubby brought our son to the Mendoro Medical Center's ER. He was only given a tetanus shot since rabies vaccination is not available. Besides rabies vaccination in a private hospital is so costly. Maybe because it is available in big vials (1 vial is around Php7k good for 4-5 shots)
Another dilemna was that the dog lick is not covered by our medical insurance. A big what duh?!
Good thing, medical practitioners at Mendero Medical Center, advised us to go an Animal Bite and Treatment Center. This is DOH sponsored center and thankfully it is available near in our place at Eversley Childs Sanitarium & General Hospital. 
The Animal Bite and Treatment Center is open during Mondays and Thursdays.
Group shots and individual shots are available. Don't hesitate to ask as personnel are approachable and accommodating. Jiggy was only given booster shots because of previous vaccines he received 2 years ago.
Well! Some Philippine's Government Services is not bad at all.

For this kid, he'll still love the dogs. He said he'll stay away from the dogs and not to touch them...for awhile :)

Our next problem? To get these stray dogs vaccinated too?
Or better yet get him a puppy of his own?

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