Tuesday, February 16, 2016

January 2016 Wrap-Up

Last month was a very busy month for us.
Lots of packing as we're scheduled to move to our new place.
Felt nostalgic leaving the apartment. Still the best, strategic location ever --- 2nd floor, lots of surrounding trees, secure place, good neighbors, walking distance to the national road, market and even malls. The only downside is that kids will only have indoor activities. Despite, we'll still miss it.

First sunrise view from our new place :) Isn't it lovely?
Everyone love the new place. Kids like it so much that they get to stay longer hours outside to play real play. We've been living in 2nd floors for almost 10 years so this is new for them. And this little girl loves to go up and down the stairs :)

Because we didn't brought with us those broken cabinets, some stuffs are yet left unpacked for this month.
What is more exciting is since we now own the place, lots of DIY ideas are coming in waiting to be realized. These ideas tend to clash as mine is different from the husband, (just so you know he has that creativity too :) and I think much better than mine.
Calling all willing sponsors for home decors and design arrangement :)

Anyways, hoping you have a fruitful January too :)

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  1. Congrats on your new place. Where is it in cebu. I really wish we could have our own place too.. someday

    1. thanks mommy Graz :) Don't worry dear you will have yours someday, its worth the wait :)