Thursday, June 9, 2016

Akita Japanese Restaurant Cebu - What to Expect

Really a big fan of Japanese food and culture. Something about how they meticulously prepare their food and how art is combine to present a beautifully crafted meal is interesting. It has been my favorite ever since. 

When Cebu Food Bloggers (CBC Foodies) were invited by Akita Japanese Restaurant, I make myself available and ask Kalami Cebu if I could join. The invitation was well fitting since its been awhile that my tastebuds haven't eaten on a Japanese meal

Akita Japanese Restaurant, which recently open last April 2016, is located at the ground floor of GND Building, along F. Cabuhug, Kasambagan, Cebu City 6000. GND Building is few blocks from Sykes. You'll never fail to miss it because of its bright green color. The theme color seems to attract those who are health buff as it depicts healthy food :)

So together with the Cebu Food Bloggers (CBC Foodies), here's what we feast at Akita Japanese Restaurant: 

Because of its modern vibe, they offer salads like Chicken Salad and Mediterranean Salad, both at Php180 per serving. Perfect for vegetable lovers.
Finger Foods
They also offer Gyoza (Japanese Dumplings) at Php150 and Kakiage (deep-fried vegetables) at Php200. Best eaten when dip in their tasty sauce. 
Their Chicken Karaage (deep-fried chicken) is at Php220. Tender and juciy chicken with thinly shredded cabbage salad.

Chashu Miso Ramen, at Php300, was the best noodle broth topped with vegetables like bean sprouts, carrots, corn and onion leaves. I like that it is less spicy yet still flavorful with al-dente noodles. Soup is not salty too considering its a miso soup. They also offer hot and spicy ramen to your liking.
Rice Bowls
The Buta Don Shoyu's thinly sliced roasted pork is so tasty and tender. At Php260, sulit for those who meat lovers.

Bento Meals
For a price of Php350, you can feast on Salad, Kakiage, Chicken Karaage and Gyoza and with a bowl of rice. 
The place is a casual dining setup which can cater 20 to 30 person for intimate dining experience. 

Prices ranges from Php100 to Php380, which is cheaper, compared to other Japanese restaurants within the city.

Overall --- Akita Japanese Restaurant offers flavorful food at reasonable servings and price.
It was one big feast indeed and it was made possible by Akita's manager, Ms Jackie and staff. Thank you also to Mr. Toshiro Ishihara for sharing with us their offerings and my gratitude for Sir Carlo Olano of Kalami Cebu for letting Cebu Food Bloggers (CBC Foodies) enjoy the feast.
Akita Japanese Restaurant is open daily
Lunch Time between 12nn-2pm
Dinner Time between 5:30pm-10:30pm

20% Discount from June 6-30, 2016 (food only)

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