Monday, June 13, 2016

May 2016 WrapUp

Seeing these tomatoes grow and multiply albeit the aphids and drought is happiness :) Home gardening becomes a therapy and I’m thinking of planting another vegetables, any ideas? | Last month was a blast as we embark our adventure to Luzon. It was tiring yet so much fun. It has been awhile so everyone was excited especially our youngest son. It is his first time to visit Luzon. Look at the excitement in his face.

Manila Ocean Park, I feel for the animals being displayed as exhibits. But if there is an assurance that these animals are properly taken cared of and ensuring the accommodation is the same if not almost close to their habitat then I’ll be assured. As much as we want to explore the the world to see these animals, yet we can’t for now so seeing my kids being captivated by these creatures especially those ginormous ones is a beautiful feeling. Closer than just seeing on books and TV shows. Read more here for our Manila Ocean Park experience.

Seeing familiar places and faces. I miss living in Calabarzon area :) Went to peek Tagaytay too but was not able to capture photos from my phone. 

Having fun with puppies and cousins and our Enchanted Kingdom experience.

Took a peek on our national hero's park. We had a hard time getting an angle without including the infamous photobomber Torre De Manila Condo. LOL! Exotic Balut anyone? And a glimpse of Dreamplay before heading home. 

Hope you have a marvelous May too :)

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