Wednesday, September 28, 2016

52Frames: Wk1 to Wk5

Learned 52Frames Challenge from Tamar of Random-osity. Her photos are awesome and fascinating which inspires me to join 52Frames challenge too... though I don’t have the guts to submit my photos considering my snaps are way too amateur...
and so I'll just post it here :)
I used Samsung Galaxy S3.

Week 1: Self-Portrait

Week 2: Black and White

Week 3: Greetings From

Week 4: Shoot from Below

Week 5: Shoot from Above is a (free!) community of photography enthusiasts from around the world, working together to improve their photography skills.

Tuesday, September 20, 2016

August 2016 WrapUp

August was a very busy month for me especially at work. There was an escalation issue tag as Code Red which means, the customer is no longer happy with our delivery. Too much time at work and less leisure time thus few moments captured. Plus my phone is not cooperating or maybe because too much file is stored in it thus the need to clean it up :( (I’m a hoarder so I’ll just let the photos and videos stayed for awhile)

A layover from this little visitor. Dubai’s version of KitKat. Marang fruit from home.

Locally-made Polvoron. Ready for “Araw ng Wika” celebration. Son’s version of spaceship (he’d rather create his own than follow Lego’s instruction)

Received Stickerkid sticker labels. This little boy is busy putting the labels on his belonging. Refer for detailed story about stickerkid here.

Hubby is back. Yippee! Spaghetti and Baby Back Ribs to celebrate the Feast of St. Augustine.

Wednesday, September 14, 2016

Golden Prince Hotel & Suites: on its 10th Year Anniversary

I had an opportunity to get an invite from Cebu Blogger's Network (thanks to Fleire Castro) and Golden Prince Hotel & Suite's Bulawanong Dekada blogger invitation.

Golden Prince Hotel & Suites is on its 10th year anniversary and they have a month long of activities in store for everyone. 
Photo Credits: Golden Prince Hotel and Suites FB Page

Photography and Speech competition had recently concluded however, you have until September 18, 2016 to avail their Deal of the Decade for P2780. Plus more events in the coming weeks.
Photo Credits: Golden Prince Hotel and Suites FB Page

Aside from their cozy rooms, Golden Prince Hotel and Suites also offers comfortable dining places for a wonderful golden experience on food and beverages. 

They have the:

Le’mon Restaurant - that offers all-day dining buffet restaurant with their Modern Cebuano Fusion. 

Q Cafe - that offers their exceptional coffee and unique pastries such as Puffy Otap and many more. 

Kabilin Heritage Lounge - that let you experience a cultural Cebuano tradition Royal merienda.

Lanai Restobar - that offers a Cebuano twist cocktails and mocktails.
Bulawan Grills & Wines - that showcase German cuisine with a touch of Cebuano flair plus a beautiful view of the Cebu. 

Have a Cebuano Royaly treatment, visit Golden Prince Hotel and Suites :)

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Saturday, September 10, 2016

July 2016 WrapUp

This is late but better late than never :)
I love July coz its my birth month! 
Thought to make this month special by of joining Fat Mum Slim’s Photo A Day challenge. I was able to start the challenge but failed to complete it. These are some of my captured photos for July 1 - A for Amplaya. July 4 - D for Daughter. July 6 - F for Frames. 

On my birthday, woke up to this greeting card from my kids. A reminder of God’s gift of life. Power was busted on that day but grateful for VECO’s responsive service. They have an emergency hotline and immediately answer queries related to VECO concerns. They were able to fix as timely as they could that we were able to have lunch at Kuya Js. It's my birthday --- thought of giving a treat by not cooking and no dishes to wash for lunch :)
Neil, my friend and a birthday buddy, spared precious time to celebrate with me and the rest of the berks. They visited Cebu for a vacation so celebrating together again is indeed memorable. Got a birthday treat at the office too --- thanks Pao for the Krispy Kreme doughnuts and for the photos :)

Also received, birthday cake from Vikings Buffet Restaurant during our team bonding. A big "thank you to company's team bonding budget. 
Rainy season is here and the kids were asking if they could take a bath in the rain...and then one day in July, I finally gave in :) even to their spaghetti cravings - one kid wants a red sauce while the other kid wants white sauce in it.

Brought DaddyLo to Buffet 101 for a treat. Buffet 101 has a birthday promo wherein a birthday celebrant can avail free buffet as long as accompanied by 3 full paying adults. 

Rare opportunity for kids to get along and pose for me and a rare opportunity for me to eat again these sweet goodies from Japan. These goodies made me miss so much my HGST (HITACHI) days and Japan days. Hope we could visit Japan soon :)

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