Monday, April 22, 2013

To leave or not to leave work

Last week, as I open my Inbox, C's farewell message caught my eye. C is one of my colleague here in my current company. Has help me a lot when we're doing the automation project last year. C, Thanks much for the help!. Like many of my colleagues here, C has left the company, which I believe it is because for a greener pasture or milkier cow. :D

The contents of his email makes me aware that there two types of working people in a typical corporate environment, the first type is the one whose inspired to wake-up every morning and prepares himself for office, very much ready to conquer the day's tasks, while the second type is obliged to wake-up every morning and prepares himself to work as day's tasks are waiting to be completed.

C seems to point out that the first type of employee says;
 "Yehey! I've done it! Ive learned something new today! Waiting for the next challenge!"
while the second type of employee may say;
 "Okey I'm done! I've completed my task! What's next?"

With this, I've asked myself, which employee I have become? Which employee have you become?

But then again, this is a view from a yuppie that is 10 years younger than me.
I'm not sure if these behaviors are observable in other working people from other corporate offices but one thing is for sure here --- today's generation are more empowered, aggressive and outspoken. They do not get tired looking for challenges, do not afraid taking risks. Like C, he wants to explore adventures he passionately wants. (For C, God Bless on your next big thing and Thanks Much :D)

Is it a good thing? Yes?! Maybe?! Honestly, I don't really know!!

10 years ago, when I was accepted for my first job, I got scared for everything. I don't know what awaits there but I still pursue, being proud that a company accepts me. I don't know if I Ioved my first job, but I was there for 4 years. Maybe, patience, sacrifice and perseverance helped me survived. Or maybe I'm not adventurous, I'm afraid to take a risk or just plain contented at that time. I don't have any idea at that time, I simply learned something and somehow liked it?!

Am I still a yuppie? Nah! I don't think so but 10 years after, here in my current job, I'm almost 4 years and I always whine and wail and complain but I'm still here (maybe because I have new priorities)

Still, I wonder which type of employee I am for now? If I am just martyr or pliant or just conform with today's younger generation! Hhhmmnn…

How about you? Are you still happy at your work?

PS: On the same week I read C's farewell note, I also found this photo of the previous team I was once a part of (of same company), only four of us remains as others, for whatever reasons, chose to leave.

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