Thursday, March 26, 2015

Summer Shindig at Hale Manna Beach Resort & Coastal Gardens, Moalboal Cebu

Did I told you I can't get enough of the place the first time I visited this resort?
Yes, I am! and when friends decided to have another get together this year at same place again, how could I say no.
I just want to enjoy the place again and this time view the corals and fishes and who would not be entice with the turtles and sardines waiting to be explored.
Since we can't fit all in a friend's pick-up, we hired a van which would bring us from city proper to Moalboal and vice versa. This means, the driver stays with us overnight. It cost us Php5000 and van fits 12 persons.

Pick-Up Place:
Pick-up place is at Persimmon Condominium, Mabolo, Cebu at 7AM. There are bakeries and eateries which were open before 7AM thus keeping your tummy full before the 2-hour travel is not a problem. However, if you have motion sickness issue and likely throw-up, light breakfast will do or better yet bring medicines with you.

We stopped at Carcar's Gaisano Grand supermarket to buy stuffs needed for 2 days - 1 night stay. The other team bought our lunch while we bought food we could cooked for dinner. We also bought for our breakfast and lunch but requested the resort to cooked it for us. They charged Php200 for the service.

I love our room, Room#8 also known as Barkada Room. It has 8 beds and can allow 1 additional extra bed. Pretty spacious but there is only one bathroom to be shared with.
Rates can be viewed here.

What We Enjoy:
After lunch, we headed to the water for a refreshing dip and of course for the snorkeling and snorkeling. Me and Honey didn't have snorkeling gear so we have to borrow from the resort (for the googles/mask only). Problem with mask only if that we can't view too long, not a big deal though coz just seeing nemo is already a joy and seeing fishes only found in fish market is nothing but a thrill and corals, oh! the corals, yes they are everywhere.

The following morning, we had boating as early as 7AM to go the place where turtles can be found. While my friends get to see them, me being too coward to let go from the boat didn't get to see one :( Nope, its not sayang (not a lost) coz I get to see live corals swaying, pliant with the current underwater. There are jellyfishes too, small and big ones, they may sting you and hurt for awhile but overtime you'll get used to it.
We also went to see the sardines sanctuary, thousands of them, swimming, enjoying the waters too. It just so fascinating watching them swim together or change direction together. Wonderful.
What a great way to start summer this year. Pleasant day indeed to be able to explore nature at its best --- Moalboal's underwater beauty, courtesy of Hale Manna Beach Resort & Coastal Gardens.

Photos below are grabbed from Ge, Mabs and Jimmy's FB Page.

Thanks to our boatman "Osting" and lifeguard "Nick".

Would definitely love to visit Moalboal again. During that time, hopefully I'll bring with me my own snorkeling gear to fully enjoy underwater scenery.

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  1. Wow, this looks so very cool


  2. I too enjoyed. Though I lacked of sleep on the first day, it didn't bothered me at all. And beside the beautiful scenery, the gang matters to me. S, thanks for inviting me. 'Til next time.

  3. Looks amazing and I love those fun, colorful beds!

  4. I've been to Cebu, but never to Moalboal. Will have to check it out the next time we go.


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