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When Baby Bath Time Is Made Easier

While pregnant we gear up ourselves with information of how-to’s and think that we have it all figured out but once the little one arrives, our world turns upside down.
One of the things we go frenzy with is the bath time, at first I was clueless (and I guess till now) on what to do but the good thing is, I have two great women who shared their best practice in bathing the little ones:

My Mom
My mom uses layered towels on the table (to absorb the water) and a basin of lukewarm water on the side. The baby is laid on the towel and the bath time begins.

My Mom-in-law
Her one-hand method may sound complicated. For her, it’s easy as 123, baby on the one had - head on the palm and the rest of the body on the arm - while one free hand for the soap and water. 

Old methods maybe overwhelming but with new and old things combined we get a hassle-free making bath time a breeze for new moms. 

Baby Company, The Baby Specialist, offers a wide range of merchandise to match a newborn’s checklist --- from nur…

Tokyo Table Cebu - What to Expect

Japan is always been close to my heart. I failed to pass a Japan scholarship conducted by Tesda. I love the language that I took the JLPT exam (still I failed). My first job was in a Japanese-owned company. Japanese was the first foreign national I've worked with (really smart and a good colleague). Japan was the first country I've visited and it is with the opportunity that I get to learn to love the people, their culture and their food.

Last Friday, I had a chance to dine with a few members of CBC - the #CBCFoodies. I couldn't resist the meetup when the invitation was to feast at one of the finest buffet restaurant here in the metro - Tokyo Table. 
Tokyo Table Cebu, which is located at City Times Square, Mantawi Avenue, Tipolo, Mandaue City (in front of Parkmall), is a Japanese-Chinese-Korean fusion and this invitation was fitting as I am craving for sushi lately. Been visited the place on rare occasion when budget permits and I must say this resto is really good.


Grab Bag, a must have!

My kid's school conducted a Disaster Preparedness Training for all students. One of the activities is the preparation of "grab bag" and putting it in the most accessible location of the house so that when a disaster or emergency situation occurs, kids can immediately grab his/her bag before moving away to safer area.

Grab bag is basically a kit  that contains essential things needed in order for a person to survive during disaster or emergency situation. These essential things may vary since each person has different needs for him/her to survive. Since this is only for survival for a short period of time while waiting for help, this grab bag should be concise (based on individuals perspective) and at same time light enough for the individual to carry. Some call it Preppers Bag or Bug Out Bag. Also, lots of related post are already available to those who want to learn more.

My favorites are:
Happy Preppers
The Prepper Journal

I am thankful for the school that they offer this e…

Guest Post: Alternative Cleaning Options to Avoid Toxins

Good Day Mommies :D I have here a guest post from Edna Thomson. She is from London and she will be sharing with us some alternative cleaning options that is safer to consumers and friendly to the environment.

Great "Back to Basics" advise. 
Happy Reading :D

Alternative Cleaning Options To Avoid Toxins
It is a known fact that cleaning products contain lots of chemicals and toxic ingredients which are key to their being as effective as they usually are. You don't have to be a genius to figure it out. In fact many cleaning products manufacturers don't list all the ingredients their detergents contains and there's a good reason for that. At best they would list those ingredients which are known to be relatively safe while skipping the toxic ones altogether. A common and widespread way to deceive  customers into believing they're buying harmless and eco-friendly products is to simply label them as “natural” or “pure”. Sadly, in many cases this couldn't be further …

Jesus Speak To Me Communion Dresses

First Communion celebration is fast approaching. Have you already foundthe communion dress for your daughter? If not try Jesus Speak To Me Communion Dresses

"Jesus Speak To Me is a UK based on-line shop, which sells all kinds of dresses in reasonable price. All the productions that you need in our website are custom made, which could let you get the goods suitable." --- source

Visit their site or Facebook Page to view their designs or have a sneak peak of Jesus Speak To Me 2015 Collectionthat will surely look good on your daughter.
For Christian Catholic families, First Communion is one of the significant events. It is a special ceremony wherein a 7-year-old child receives the blessed sacrament of the Holy Eucharist for the first time. It their first bond with Jesus Christ.

It is believe that a 7-year-old child begins to fully understand the concept of good and wrong thus fitting to start a more closer relationship with Jesus Christ. Preparation…