Monday, January 11, 2016

Eat Like Royalty at Le'Mon Restaurant, Golden Prince Hotel & Suites

At an affordable price!

I always hear Golden Prince Hotel & Suites jingle on a local FM Radio station. Seen a lot of its hotels here in the city. Can't help but wonder how they fair with their rooms, their facilities and amenities, their service or their food.

But then, I wondered no more as last December, the Cebu Blogging Community were privileged to be invited to Golden Prince Hotel & Suites' re-launching of Le'Mon Restaurant. No, I was not able to try their rooms, not yet...but for starters it is already a delight to get acquainted with their food. 

Le'Mon Restaurant is "Cebu's Next Best Native Food Destination" which offers modern Cebuano Fusion. They offer local and foreign influences with a twist to suit best local as well as foreign diners. 

Le'Mon Restaurant offers Daily Eat-All-You-Can Buffet for only:
Php350 - Breakfast (Mondays to Sundays) --> 6AM to 10AM
Php298 - Brunch (Mondays to Sundays) --> 11AM to 3PM
Php350 - Dinner (Mondays - Thursdays) --> 6PM to 9PM
Php250 - Late Dinner (Mondays -Thursdays) --> 9PM to 11PM

We were able to try their Php298 Brunch Buffet and these are their offerings: 

- Salad station that will greet diners upon entering the restaurant. Vegetarians need not to fret as they have healthy choices to fill in their plate. 
- Bread, Cold Cuts and Cheese.

- A variety of sumptuous dishes that will definitely satisfy every Filipino's palate. It really is tasty. Sir Thadz of Wonderful Cebu said, chefs of Le'Mon Restaurant was able to craft their dishes at the right blend of sweetness and saltiness. Sure did. 

- Tempura station popularly known as EBiSaya buffet. Not just shrimp tempura but also vegetable tempura is available. 
- Barbecue, Noodles and Siomai station. See how Local and Chinese foods are incorporated in their menu. Who says street foods can't be served in a fine dining experience. I love their barbecue sauces.
- Dessert and Fruits. And who would not want desserts. They only have one dessert serve at that time - Mango Float. Its sweetness is just right and I think I finished 2 servings.
Guest and walk-in customers get to experience this royalty experience in a simple yet elegant space with contemporary designs. The crystal ball chandeliers that accentuated the buffet table is an eye-catching design.
Le'Mon Restaurant 
Golden Prince Hotel & Suites 
Acacia Street, Cebu City 

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  1. Oh my, you're making me hungry!!! Hahaha Ang guess what? I'm going to Cebu in March, will try to check this out. :)

    1. Cool! Hope you will enjoy your Cebu visit this March :)

  2. OMG! I'm drooling now while looking these deli- foods. Looks so yummy!!!

  3. This is the second post I've read this morning that is making me hungry!Their buffet looks inviting!

  4. I just ate my breakfast but reading your post makes me hungry again. I'll take note of this if ever we visit Cebu again.

  5. Nakakatakam. ahahaa. When we visit Cebu again, we will try GOlden Prince Hotel and SUites. Thanks for this.

  6. That's really affordable! Although it's in Cebu! Maybe one day!

  7. Ah maybe i'll consider this place when we visit Cebu.

  8. I will be in Cebu again by May san siya malapit, buffet in Cebu is affordable compare here in Manila