Friday, July 8, 2016

June 2016 WrapUp

Was able to join the Cebu Foodies’ feast at Akita Japanese Restaurant. The succulent treat of salad, gyoza, deep fried vegetables, fried buttered chicken and of course the ramen is so enjoyable. To call it a night, we have to put an extra room for the yummy pizzas from Ruby Rocks Pizza and Pasta. I’m already full but I can’t resist those pizzas :) My parents are in town and we let them try Akita Japanese Restaurant too :)

Last month was dedicated for daddies, papas, tatays, dadas and to all doing the responsibility of a father. Here is hubby who’ll do anything for the our kid’s joy and happiness. How lucky they are. The youngest trying to capture the beauty of the city from Taoist Temple. The eldest doing a #ootd pose :) with the temple in the background.

Received sweet treats from thoughtful friends. Really not in the mood that day and this note and the goodies brighten up my day :) Thanks Jim and Jandy :)
Photo Op with the cube. Remembering Wawa Eng2x over pizza. MommyMundo’s ExpoMom2016.

Celebrating 11 years of togetherness. Father’s Day Greeting cards from the kids. And the youngest who loves cleaning his bike.

Terrific June isn’t it! How about you? How was your June. 

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