Friday, April 5, 2013

Honey turns 7

Someone has just turn 7 yrs old last March. She is now in a pruning stage.
Mature enough to argue with me yet still needs guidance and explanation on why I sometimes does not agree with her.
 Old enough to be a responsible ate to her little brother Jiggy yet still needs cuddling and affection from her mom and dad.
(Personally created the cake for her. This is inspired from i-heart-baking and Sprinkle Bakes and Sweetapolita).
Independent enough to decides on what she likes (especially on what clothes she wants to wear) yet still ask my approval on how she looks.
Old enough to determine which is good and bad but still needs further understanding on what disciplining mean.
Happy birthday Honey and I hope you will grow to become a good and God-fearing daughter
We love you so much :D
On 6th birthday:
On 5th birthday:
On 4th birthday:
On 3rd birthday:
On 2nd birthday:
On 1st birthday:

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