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#roadtrip to Cebu South: Oslob (Part 1)

We had a chance to have a #roadtrip down south of Cebu, a chance to have fun and enjoy each other's company, a chance to meet new friends.

First Stop:Whale Shark Watching at Oslob, Cebu
Locally known as Butanding, these whale sharks are located in the town of Tanawan, Oslob. It was told that they found this place due to the abundance of krill, their food. And when fishermen noticed that these gentle giants does not harm them while fishing and vice versa, thus the rest is history. Thankfully, the government regulated this "up-close encounter" session by letting the sightseer look or swim with them until 12:00NN only. Just like us, they need beauty rest, you know :)

We departed from the city around 6:00 AM. The ride took us 3 hours and when we arrived, the crowd is already huge. We chose the resort recommended by our van's driver and made necessary payments:
Whale Watching
     - Local Tourist: P300.00
     - Foreign Tourist: P500.00Swimming with Whales
     - …

This Makes My Day

Short conversation with my Jiggy while watching Smurfs movie on TV;

Me: So Baby, where do fishes live?
Him: Water!
Me: Sea...water, that's right? And the cats? Where do cats live?
Him: Downstairs! (He's referring to the kittens of our neighbor downstairs)
Me: Land, Yes, they live on land, downstairs. And the shark, whale sharks with big mouth? Where do they live?
Him: Sea!
Me: Yey! And the birds?
Him: Sky!
Me: Yes, they fly and fly up in the sky. How about smurfs? Where do they live?
Him: TV (pointing the television)
Me: speechless...
Oh how I just love kid's spontaneous and genuine answers :D

How about you mommy? What makes your day, today?

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Mother's Day in Bantayan Island

What we did last Mother's Day?

So happy, DaddyLo and MommyLa came to visit us last May 9-10, 2015.

They chose daytrip voyage from CDO (they don't like to travel at night nor take the plane) They safely arrived CEB at 7:30PM, accompanied by my youngest brother and my niece. The more the merrier :D Weeeh!
We had our dinner at Parkmall and stroll for a while before heading home, we need to rest and gather lots of energy since we were set to go to Bantayan Island for the weekend. We just love the place, we were here last year, and so we were bringing our family to experience its beauty too.

At Bantayan, we stayed at Budyong Beach Resort, Sta Fe. We were able to reserved a front beach house good for 4 person plus children ahead of time. Be sure to call beforehand as summer season is always fully-booked. The resort is priced at 1700php. Extra beds are at 500php per person.
Things to do in Bantayan:

Sit and Relax
3hrs trip by bus & 1hr trip by ferry is surely tiring, right! 
So sit, rela…

Ipanema Summer Sunscream 2015 and a Giveaway

Can't get enough of summer? Well, good news to all you party people and flip-flop lovers out there.  You can still enjoy the rest of the summer and join the fun at Ipanema Summer Sunscream 2015 on May 23, 2015 at the Green Lagoon Park, Compostela, Cebu. Hosted by Roxanne Barcelo and Tom Candy, leading artist like Kamikazee, Urbandub, Franco and Powerspoonz will be performing plus international and local DJ's will be playing to double the fun. Ipanema Summer Sunscream 2015 will be held on May 23, 2015 at the Green Lagoon Park, Compostela, Cebu.  Head on to for a chance to win tickets for this event.
Aside from giving us the best summer party ever, Ipanema Philippines is having a giveaway wherein 3 LUCKY READERS will be given a chance to win:
1 pair of Ipanema Flip-Flop
5 pieces of Ipanema Key Chains
1 piece of Ipanema Beach Bag
This giveaway is open to PH residents until May 31, 2015

Come on and enter the giveaway here:
a Rafflecopter giveaway
This giveaway i…

Thankful for Milo Summer Sports Clinic 2015

A week after last school-year ends, she complained that she's already bored. 
She's almost done with the school's summer assignments and told me she has nothing to do. 
Her interest in guitar subsided though she still loves to listen to Taylor Swift's songs.
She's not much of a reader (my bad, still need more effort to encourage her).
Also not a fan of IPad (or because her little brother wrestles with her and grabs the gadget once she got hold of it) and TV is not for her too, according to her it make her dizzy staring on it for a long time.
In short, staying at home throughout the day makes her bored thus, wants to beat the summer boredom. Don't get me wrong, they have toys at home like bricks, Lego stuffs, Stacko, chess board and sometimes they bike around the neighborhood after their siestas but I'm guessing she's fed up of the same routine.

She wants to attend again swimming lessons but I don't see any class offerings near our place and the only avail…

Simple Treats for my Mom on Mother's Month

You know why we find May so special?
It is because its the time of the year when we can declare our utmost gratitude to our dear mom, Mama L, for all the good things she have done for us. We know we should be doing it in any day of the year or any time of the day but like most kids do, we are one of those who gave her headaches and heartaches. We love our parents so much and because we know their big love for us that we don't mind doing wrongdoings and hurtful things coz we know we will always be forgiven -- Oh well! those youthful days!

And here we are grown up conscious enough to notice that we don't show much our affection to her. So we, the siblings, list down a few treats we could give for our dearest mama on mother's month.

A Manicure and Hand LotionThose hardworking hands that doesn't stop working needs to be pampered. Imagine taking care a husband and six children, preparing the family's meal, cleaning the house, the dishes, washing the clothes and then the ki…